Road marking machines and equipment

HRM only sells tried and tested brands: For road marking machines there are few that can compete with the quality and durability of TITAN & GRACO. Manufactured to adhere to strict American quality controls, the contractor can rest assured that his equipment will perform as expected time after time. As the TITAN & GRACO distributors for the Western Cape, HRM offers:

  • a full after sales service for these units,
  • with stock of the wearing parts, service kits and accessories.
  • HRM Services will handle any and all warranty claims if they ever arise on the contractor`s behalf.

Road marking machine categories

Road marking units fall into two main categories, walk behind push units and drive on units:

Walk behind machines
Versatile and can be used for smaller marking jobs, like marking parking bays and doing smaller scale municipal work. The bigger units are ideal for marking from municipal roads right up to national roads.

Road marking machines are always petrol driven and typically are supplied with a Honda Industrial Engine. ??Push machines depend on the operator to push the unit forward and to keep a straight line, we recommend new operators be given fair opportunity to practice as this is a learned skill.

Drive on machines
Generally recommended for long stretches of road, and are most often used on national road marking jobs. The GRACO Line Driver attaches to the bigger GRACO LineLazer road markers and offers the team the flexibility of having push unit that can easily be converted into a drive on unit as and when the job requires either. Drive on units do not rely on the operators power to propel the unit, as such there is much less operator fatigue and the speed at which lines can be marked increases exponentially – ie significantly improved productivity.

Glass bead dispensing kits for road markers

Both push and drive on units have the option to be fitted with a glass bead dispensing kit. Reflective glass beads are gravity fed and applied directly to the wet paint line, this provides additional reflective and tactile properties to the line, adding to its efficacy. ??Please note that Provincial government tenders require beads to be applied with pressure, this would only be offered on rigs specifically designed to carry and handle those pumps and fall under a third and separate category for road marking equipment (road rigs set up on a bakkie or truck).

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HRM Services is the main import agent for Tecnover in South Africa, as well as, an authorised distributor and service center for Titan and QTech airless spraying machines in the Western Cape. All information, illustrations, and specifications are based on the most recent information available at the time of publication. HRM reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.