HRM Services consists of a small and dynamic team under the leadership of Martin Gisi.  Martin is considered an expert in all things airless, and applies his years of knowledge to guide and assist our client base, ranging from the experienced multi job running contractor to the novice home user.

Here at HRM Services we take pride in our almost fanatical attention to detail.  We obsess about having a wide variety of spares on hand to maintain the units we sell.   HRM has grown from strength to strength and we now import products from Italy, the USA & China offering our clients a wide range of unit options and spares.  We have re-introduced a range of excellent quality, well priced diaphragm units.  We import and crimp our own high quality bonded Airless Spray Hose, allowing us to offer custom lengths without extra cost to the client.

HRM Services started its life as HR Machine Services.  Willi Regler opened the doors in 1986 and embraced the opportunity to introduce South African painters to the world of Airless Painting.  Willi had trained in Germany as a toolmaker, and the years of experience in the engineering field gave him a unique understanding of the diaphragm and pneumatic pumps he sold.  The German Quality ethic made the firms name stand out in the industry.  Willi cut his teeth on Wagner units, as he was known to be able to fix just about anything the line quickly grew to include, first the service and then the sale, of Larius and Taiver.  He expanded his line even more in the early nineties to include Titan and Graco.

Piston type machines are now the unit of choice for most contractors, but regardless of the markets preference HRM still offers service and parts for many of the old machines, we hold spares and are able to service over 30 models of paint sprayers!

In 1999 Martin joined Willi and started learning from the master.  Though his tertiary education helped Martin understand the theory of piston and pneumatic technology, nothing could match the old school, hands on training of a nine year long apprenticeship under the experienced German perfectionist.  Under Willis tutelage Martin became the expert he is today.  As Willi grew older Martin took over the workshop, and when Willi passed in 2008 Martin was fully equipped to continue offering the service HRM is known for.

Ruan and Clement assist in the workshop and Daniela takes care of the paperwork in the office.  All Share Martins work ethic and take immense pride in their roles within HRM!

Contact Numbers
Tel: 021 555 3120
Fax: 021 555 3121

Physical Address
Unit 3 Montague Park
22 Stella Road
Montague Gardens

Postal Address
P.O. BOX 1685

HRM Services is the main import agent for Tecnover in South Africa, as well as, an authorised distributor and service center for Titan and QTech airless spraying machines in the Western Cape. All information, illustrations, and specifications are based on the most recent information available at the time of publication. HRM reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.